“The sub-metering study allowed us to better undersand the energy consumption and financial implications of our largest motors, and the results aided in the decision to upgrade several of them. By taking these measures, we will reduce our costs for electricity and maintenance for an investment that meets our financial goals.”
— Steve Rosendall, VP Operations, Profile Films

At Advance Packaging, we reduced annual energy consumption from 1,600,000 kWh to 879,000 kWh.

At Advance Packaging's 420,000 square foot facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we replaced 575 6-lamp T5 fluorescent High Bay fixtures with 495 20,000 Lumen LED High Bay Fixtures and 80 30,000 Lumen LED High Bay Fixtures. We installed occupancy sensors in 74 of the LED's, and reduced the facility's energy consumption from 1,600,000 kWh/year to 879,000 kWh/year. We secured a utility rebate for Advance Packaging that was worth 25% of the total project cost. Including this rebate (and excluding maintenance savings, the Project ROI was 2.3 years.

martinrea is a tier 1 auto supplier that we retrofitted with led technology.
in the projected lifetime of its new led fixtures, martinrea will save over $500,000.


Case Study: Holland Public Schools

In the past 5 years, over 80% of our customers have experienced less than 1 year ROI. 

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