Frequently asked questions



  • Will I save money working with Foresight?

    In the last five years, over 80% of our clients realized a return on investment of less than 12 months. We typically don't guarantee savings, but we do guarantee we will show you HOW to save money. Knowledge is power!

  • Will I save energy working with Foresight?

    According to national studies, when an organization simply begins tracking energy costs and use, they will save 3-10% of energy usage. Becoming a Foresight Partner doesn't directly lower your energy use, but we believe that you cannot manage what you don't measure. Increasing the energy awareness of your organization will increase the likelihood your team will be more cognizant and save.

  • Why would I track my energy data with Foresight? Don't utility companies already do that for me?

    Often times, your electric and/or gas company will offer online accounts to view your individual bills and history. With Foresight, you can log into one place to see all of your utilities, as well as track other sustainability metrics. If you oversee multiple buildings, it is even more valuable to have the ability to consolidate all of that de-centralized data into one platform.

  • Why would I pay to have someone review my utility bills? They can't be wrong, can they?

    Unfortunately, errors do happen on utility bills from time to time. Our service and software is built to catch these errors! Beyond finding an occasional error, it is also prudent to have your utility bills consistently reviewed to ensure you are on the correct rate structure, to review usage and cost trends, and to understand comparative year over year usage and spending.



  • How many reports do I get with your energy management service/software offering?

    Our typical customer receives 20 reports for each building they have on our service over the course of 12 months. These reports range from our monthly management reports to our comprehensive facility energy audit reports.

  • I have buildings in multiple states and other countries. How does Foresight work for me?

    Our software works anywhere in the world! Our utility bill consulting happens from our home base in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you need our engineering expertise, we would be happy to chat with you about your specific needs. We partner with clients all over the country for a variety of our offerings.

  • How does my data get into Foresight?

    Our software works anywhere in the world! Our utility bill consulting happens from our home base in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For our engineering services, our team does need to be onsite at your facilities (though often, not for very long). We have clients located throughout the USA and would be happy to discuss your organization's particular needs so we can build an offering to meet your criteria.

  • How does my utility data get into your software?

    If your utility offers an online billing portal, then our software will collect your utility data automatically. No manual data entry! If your utility does not offer online billing, then our team will collect the bills from you and enter the data manually.

  • How much historical data can I put into Foresight?

    This all depends on your utility provider and the format with which they can deliver the data. We usually recommend at least 13 months of historical data so that you can begin to compare the current year with the year before. (If you have more than 13 months, we can work with you to import it.)



  • What exactly IS Foresight? Is it software or not?

    Foresight is the name of our company. At our core, we are energy managers, not a software company. We bundle human expertise and great software into a unique offering. We built the software to help us collect and analyze utility bill data at scale so that we could offer the rest of our services and expertise at a low cost. Our people work with you on procurement strategy, we'll ensure your bills are in tip top shape, and show up in your buildings to do facility engineering on your behalf!

  • What does a Foresight Energy audit look like? Can I see a sample?

    Yes you may! Download a sample below, or email to request a sample.

  • What types of organizations does Foresight work for?

    Foresight works with NON-RESIDENTIAL buildings. Foresight partners include global manufacturing companies, large commercial buildings, as well as schools and churches. If you own or operate a building, Foresight can help you manage your energy use and costs.