how we're different: unique bundling

Our unique bundling of services (software, consulting, and engineering) allows you to save time, reduce energy, and mitigate costs.

We believe energy is an operating cost that can be measured and managed. Let's join forces to create a proactive energy plan for your organization.

  • Utility Data Collection & Reporting

    Through our software platform we will collect and consolidate all of your utility bills (electric, natural gas, water) onto our web based dashboard (or you can access it via our API!). The data will be compiled into simple, singular monthly reports in order to quickly educate you on how your building(s) is performing. Historical performance is compared with current performance normalizing consumption, cost, weather, and number of billing days.

  • Sustainability Reporting

    Our software represents a singular platform for your organization to track and share a variety of sustainability metrics. From recycling and composting, to VOC's of air emissions, we make it easy to measure and manage the aspects of your organization that impact the broader community. Now, you can seamlessly share your sustainability reports with clients, vendors, suppliers, team members, and shareholders.

  • Benchmarking

    Our software is an Energy Star Partner and automatically integrates with Portfolio Manager, the EPA's online energy management and tracking tool. After benchmarking your building, some buildings will be eligible to receive a 1-100 Energy Star Score. Buildings with an Energy Star Score of 75 or greater may apply for the Energy Star Certificate.

  • Document Storage

    In addition to your utility bills, we allow the storage of any document of your choosing as it relates to energy and sustainability management. Does your organization currently have internal spreadsheets, Word docs, and PDFs that you use to track various metrics? With our solution, you can easily house it all in one place and turn your de-centralized data into meaningful information.

  • Utility Rate Analysis

    Foresight Energy Engineers and Utility Experts will evaluate your organization’s electric and natural gas rate (tariff) structures. After an in-depth analysis of various rates, we will deliver a detailed report of our findings, highlighting the pros and/or cons of what it would mean for your building to be on a different rate. Our report will include recommendations for future forecasting and planning.

  • Procurement Consultation

    Our Energy Procurement team will conduct a holistic analysis of how your organization buys energy, helping you understand what your purchasing options are in both the electricity and natrual gas markets. We will partner with you in areas such as contract review, writing requests for proposal, supplier vetting, and serving as your advocate to utility providers.

  • Utility Rebate Program Reporting

    Utility incentive programs change often. Every quarter, our team provides a detailed report of your utility provider’s incentive (rebate) program. Understanding when rebates have changed will allow your organization to capitalize on increased incentives, and understanding a specific rebate’s timeframe will empower you to capitalize on the incentive before it expires.

  • Utility Rebate Identification and Reporting

    When your organization is considering a construction or maintenance project, our team will research to determine if the project qualifies for a utility incentive. In the event that it does, we will work with you to optimize the potential incentive and coordinate all necessary paperwork with your utility provider.

  • Federal Tax Incentive Identification and Coordination

    When your organization is considering a construction or maintenance project, our team of experts will research to determine if the project qualifies for any Federal Tax Incentives. In the event that it does, we will work with your tax preparers and help coordinate the necessary paperwork to receive the incentive.

  • Facility Energy Auditing

    Our engineering team can perform a variety of types (ASHRAE Levels I, II, III) of facility energy audits for your organization, regardless of building use. In this on-site assessment, we will evaluate the energy consuming systems in your building such as lighting, motors, HVAC, compressed air, control systems, water and building envelope related systems. A report will be created as a working document, and a strategic energy plan will be formed. This plan will include a prioritized list of energy efficiency opportunities we identify, capital budgets, Return on Investment calculations, and our recommended implementation plan.

  • Compressed Air System Auditing and Leak Detection

    Using state of the art sonic leak detection equipment, our technical team has years of experience identifying inefficiencies in your compressed air system. In most instances, your electric utility provider will have generous incentives available for identifying and fixing air leaks. Most times, these studies result in a 3 – 12 month ROI, plus improved system performance!

  • Thermal Imaging

    Using state of the art thermal imaging cameras, our technical team will visually inspect and evaluate your electrical and HVAC systems, as well as your building envelope. High quality Predictive Maintenance procedures can assist in avoiding significant maintenance costs and down time.

  • Commissioning - New Construction

    Our commissioning process draws on our extensive design, construction and troubleshooting experience, allowing us to expose and correct hidden problems. Further, our process allows us to see each particular test that we run in context within the complete system, increasing understanding, minimizing errors and maximizing results.

  • Retro/Re-Commissioning - Existing Buildings

    One of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption and optimize building performance is to have your building “Retro-Commissioned”. Think of this like a tune-up for the systems in your building, ultimately moving the equipment in your building closer to their intended operational function. Often times, Retro-Commissioning a building can result in less than 18 month ROI. We pay particular attention to the realities of the people working in the facility, the equipment occupying the physical space, and budget constraints in bringing older systems up to peak performance. You may have heard of “Operations and Maintenance”, think of Retro-Commissioning as “Optimization and Maintenance”.

  • Energy Modeling/Building Simulations

    Energy modeling is simulation of your building's operation and performance using specially designed software such as Department Of Energy’s “EnergyPlus”. Whether you are building a new facility, adding an expansion or simply want to calibrate an existing facility, energy models can add significant value to your investment.Beyond energy modeling for our clients, we also offer EnergyPlus TRAINING for other energy modeling professionals. We’ve been working in EnergyPlus since 2007 and have helped train energy modelers in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina and India. Please email Jim Dirkes directly for all your training and learning needs.

  • Controls Optimization

    Controls (aka Building Automation Systems/Building Management Systems) when managed well can often drive significant energy and cost savings to your bottom line. Maintaining and optimizing your BAS/BMS systems on an ongoing basis can often times fall down the priority list for many facility managers and ultimately lead to inefficiencies in the system. Our team can come in on a regular basis to ensure your controls systems are standardized and maintained with energy efficiency in mind. Scheduling temperature set points, aligning sequencing operations, providing strategic recommendations and technical assistance are just a few of the ways we can serve you in optimizing your controls.

  • Resource Mapping (Sub-Metering)

    Have you ever wondered which areas of your facility consume the most energy? Have you ever asked which of your production lines/equipment operates the most energy efficiently? Our team can help you answer these questions by metering equipment either temporarily or permanently. We will analyze the data, empowering you to make informed decisions about your building operations. Creating a map of where your energy resources are being consumed is a powerful way to fine-tune your operating habits.

  • Third Party Design Review

    When there is a lot on the line, it's common to get a "second opinion". This is most common in the case of health / medical or legal problems, but are equally applicable to HVAC and building systems that might cost upwards of several million dollars. Even top-notch and experienced design engineers, often required to finish a project in a short time frame, can miss important details or considerations. We provide "fresh eyes" and a “beginner’s mind” to review a design with broad experience coupled with strong consideration for practicality, efficiency, and total operating costs.

  • HVAC Troubleshooting

    Modern HVAC systems are tightly interconnected to optimize performance and energy use. The hard part is to bridge the designer's understanding of how things will work with the owner's actual operation of the systems. Real life is different than anticipated! Whether new or old, there are exceptionally few systems that operate very close to "optimal". We review your systems in detail, determine what is going on and how it can be improved. Once we have identified problems, we are well-equipped to calculate energy, maintenance or production savings associated with their correction so that you know what the payback will be.

  • Project Management

    Having project managed well over (250) energy efficiency projects since 2007, our team intimately understands what it takes to retrofit various systems in your facility. If your organization has the desire to execute a project and needs assistance managing it, let's partner to get the job done. From writing the scope of work and managing the bid process, to overseeing contractors and acting as your liaison, we are available to be an extension of your team whenever necessary.

  • Technology and Vendor Research Qualification

    Our approach to any technology, manufacturer, installer, supplier, or vendor is agnostic and client centric. This unbiased expertise inspires us to work diligently to learn our client’s values, budgets, timelines and goals. With these in mind, we can then effectively vet prospective technologies and vendors on your behalf. You no longer have to feel alone when asking, “Is this the best fit for me?” Our team is here to help educate and provide alternative options for you based on your needs. We empower you with industry knowledge and expertise so that you can make educated decisions that are aligned with your organization’s values.

“With the help of Foresight’s data staff, Intertek was able to disclose our most accurate North American GHG effort to date. Foresight excelled under tight timelines as an extension of our team.”
— Eric Saigeon, Sustainability & Energy Manager, USA & Canada, Intertek