We know you WANT to reduce energy use and costs...

Energy management is complex and can be overwhelming. Are you simply “just paying the bills”? Foresight simplifies energy management, empowering you to a proactive, holistic, and strategic approach.

Let's join forces to create a proactive energy plan for your organization.


Benefits of Working with Foresight

•  Executed by Certified Energy Managers and Utility Bill Experts
•  Energy Use  Optimization and Reduction
•  Energy Cost Mitigation and Reduction
•  Simplified Energy and Sustainability Reporting
•  Centralized Energy Data across multiple utilities and facilities
•  Process for continuous improvement
•  Unbiased consulting and deep industry knowledge
•  Assists with compliance for ISO certifications, Green Build, and more
•  Increased Energy Education for your entire organization
•  Comprehensive Energy plan and goals for your organization
•  Peace of Mind


A Holistic Approach

Our Process

We're passionate about developing proactive energy management plans to fit our customers’ unique needs. The ever-changing landscape of vendors, technology, tax credits, rate structures, rebates (and much more) is nuanced and complex. Our team’s entire focus is to be deeply knowledgable about all of these areas, how they interact, and how they affect your organization’s needs.



Our team audits both your utility bills and facilities to identify potential energy efficiency and cost mitigation opportunities.



Our engineering team brings together expertise from across multiple disciplines to design custom solutions.



Our project management is turn-key, allowing our customers to focus on their business while we take care of the project. 


Measure & Verify

Our energy management service and software allows our clients to track the progress of their energy reduction initiatives easily and cost effectively.


Integrated & Interdisciplinary

We take an interdisciplinary approach to energy management and efficiency. We are part Engineering firm, part Contractor, part Consultant and have developed our own software for energy management and tracking. Our unique blend of expertise allows us to partner with organizations in a variety of ways.


Holistic Approach

We study both supply side and demand side opportunities for energy efficiency and cost mitigation. We understand how energy consuming systems affect each other in facilities as well as the related impact on utility bills and procurement strategy.


Unbiased Expertise

We are technology neutral, manufacturer neutral, supplier neutral and installer neutral. Our priorities are the priorities of our customers. We research and compile the technologies and manufacturers that represent the best fit for our customer.


Custom Solutions

Every building and operation is unique, therefore we deliver solutions designed to
address our customers’ specific needs


Financial Expertise

Educating our clients on all of the opportunities for financing energy efficiency projects empowers them to make serious strides towards lowering their operating costs. From utility rebate incentives to Federal Tax incentives to full project financing, we make sure our clients understand all the options available to them.